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What We Do


  • Our knowledge and experience at both elite and amateur level ensures that we target our interventions and support to your specific needs and abilities.

  • Developing resilience and coping strategies are key and our workshops and 1:1 sessions are designed to build all the necessary skills to succeed in education.

  • Motivation, leadership, managing pressure are pivotal for your business to function effectively and our programs aim to build these capacities within your business.
  • LIFE

  • Are you struggling for direction, purpose, self-worth, well being or motivation? We provide many tools and techniques to help you get back on track.


Latest Articles

  • GIVING BACK At KF Performance ‘giving back’ is something that I am passionate and proud about. Giving back can be something so little that it may seem insignificant to some or could involve a big wide gesture. What matters the most to me is that......

  • The IPC alpine World Championships took place at the beginning of this year in Tarvisio, Italy. My role at the competition was to continue my support to the athletes and staffing team with a major focus being performing under pressure. With the World...

  • Just a few days after being in Italy for the IPC Alpine World Championships, I was faced with a colossus 24hour journey to reach Big White mountain resort in British Colombia, Canada to support our snowboarders in their IPC world championships. This ...

  • I recently attended the ‘Empowering Female Sport’ conference ran by the department of communities in collaboration with Ulster GAA. This conference involved many different women from different backgrounds all of whom are involved in sport sharing the...

What Our Clients Say

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